How we celebrate Friday’s

So after a long week of pretty awesome meals, including potato scallops and pork chops, lasagna, homemade Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes – we decided that for this nice Friday we’d top our weeks dinners off with some Whattaburger, which strangely seems to be my first pregnancy cravings. All week while cooking fancy dinners, I’ve been thinking and just about drooling over a #13 from Whattaburger.

Now it’s time to relax and watch a movie, all day has been about laundry and now with an almost empty laundry room I’m feeling quite pleased with myself so I think it’s time to just lay down, breathe and enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend and my husband has two days off. It’s crazy how much you can miss someone while they’re gone for a couple hours, even though you saw them that very morning, and you know you’re only a few hours from seeing them again. My husband works at a plant, and he does shift work, every week it’s different hours, and next week he’s working the hardest one of them all (for me 😉), he’ll be working from 11 pm till 7 am, so not only will he be sleeping most of the day while I’m awake, but I don’t even get to fall asleep with him at night, which is my absolute favorite time of the day. When you’re just exhausted, and you lay down with the person you love, you get to hold them, kiss on them and just enjoy life with them. Falling asleep in each other’s arms is just the most magical thing about being married or just living with your special someone in general. I love it.

But he does what he has to do, and no one loves him more for that than I do. And besides, I have to giant dogs that are just longing to share this bed with me at night. It’s not like I will be completely alone, I never am with these two furbabies.

One thing that’s got me very interest is to find out how Dixie will behave around the baby once he/she gets here. I’ve seen Cleo around plenty of babies and I know she’s very calm and collected and extra careful, you can tell by the look she gives them that she knows – “this is human being, it’s just tinier than the rest of em, and probably a whole lot more fragile, better be careful around this one!” So her I’m not so worried about. Dixie on the other hand is only 8 months old so she’s still just a puppy, she’s extremely energetic and she’s just up and down, here and there & God knows where, and I also don’t think she’s ever been around a baby so I won’t lie, it does scare me, though I know she’s got a heart of gold, and she may not be the smartest dog out there but I have faith that she’ll be good and gentle around the baby, if not I’m not sure what it’d do. She was raised as an outside dog so if worst comes to worst, I’d have my husband put up a fence and bring her back outside. Getting rid of her would be the last thing on my mind (given that she hasn’t physically hurt the little one). I’m just gonna continue training her until the day comes when we get to bring the baby home, so on that topic we’ll really only have to wait and see.

Cleo & Dixie

I’m going to wrap this up with a quick thank you for reading my blog, please follow and continue to keep up with me and my growing family!

Love, Jessika 💕


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