The beauty of being pregnant

I’m sitting here writing this trying my absolute hardest not to barf. There’s a million and one things I need to get done but for the past two days I’ve just been feeling iffy. I feel nauseous every now and then, I’m completely exhausted and I’m extremely pissy. My husband just laughs at me, thinking I’ll start laughing too but little does he know it just makes me wanna smack him 😉 I know I’ll end up pulling myself together and get stuff done, the question is when! BUT one good thing about lying around is online window shopping, I keep finding the most adorable little clothes for the baby which makes me so anxious to find out the sex as soon as possible so I can start buying everything instead of just looking!

Just check these oh so adorable little toddler carhartt jackets out 😍


Ugh I cannot wait to dress him/her up in cute little outfits. But seriously, the one thing I cannot wait for is when it becomes just another day to lay on the couch with the little one, cuddling, just holding the baby, knowing that I made that, with the person I love I’ve created something so beautiful. I’m also so excited to just watch my husband interact with the baby, hold him/her, kiss on him, just love on him. That’ll be just one of those moments where I will experience completely and utter happiness. I just know kainen is going to make such a good dad. He’s so sweet, and gentle, he’s got such a huge heart, and sometimes it seems he’s more excited than me about the baby! Which I don’t even know how it’s possible but I swear, he’ll light up when we talk about it, he gets all giggly, lol it’s the cutest thing.

Well I’m starting to feel a bit better so it’s time to get up and do something, anything haha. I’ll be back later, most likely with more pictures of cute clothing I’ve found, OH & the tiny carthartts are from HERE!

Love, Jessika 💕


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