Almost 8 months pregnant!

Today I am 30 weeks 5 days, so two more days and I’ll officially be in my 8th month. And there’s really only two things I have to say about the third trimester, the first – a given – I am exhausted. Actually I’m beyond exhausted. Sleep literally does not exist anymore. The second thing is, stressing! I’ve been constantly stressing about everything. Do I have everything I need? What should I pack in the hospital bag? Should I already have trained my dogs to sleep somewhere else besides my bed? I need to get started on the nursery!! What if the baby comes early? What’s this feeling I’ve got, is something wrong? The stressing and the worrying does not stop! It calmes me down knowing I now have a doctors appointment every two weeks but still, there’s always something on my mind. 

I am so ready for my little boy to be here though, oh yeah, I’m having a boy! We’re naming him Whitley Johan, Whitley because me and my husband both love Keith Whitley. And Johan was my brothers name, he passed away when he was only 2 years old, so honoring him is something I’ve always been set on doing. 

We have most of the furniture for the nursery ready, all I need is the crib (we do have a bassinet, which he will sleep in the first couple of months), and I need a “nursing” chair. Hopefully we’ll be getting both here within the next month. We’ll probably get to painting the nursery here next week or so, which I am SO excited about! We’re doing the walls a mint green color, and all of the furniture will be white or gray, and so will most decorations. White, gray, and mint green are the colors we’re sticking to though. Can’t wait to share pictures with y’all once we get going! 

I’m going to wrap this one up, I feel like I shared too much for one post haha! Here’s a picture of me though, this is when I was 26 weeks! 


Love, Jessika 💕


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