Baby stuff we still need to buy

There’s only like three more things I feel like I truly need before my little man gets here. It’s been kind of a struggle finding the right brand for each thing, but after months of googling & review reading, I think I’ve found the perfect brands for us. 

First off, the one thing I knew I’d be needing from the start, is none other than the Boppy Pillow, I’ve heard such amazing things about it, and I will be breastfeeding (if possible), so I just feel as though a nursing pillow will be a huge help. And I can’t hear enough good things about this specific brand. The only thing is, I’m totally torn on which color to get haha. I’m gonna go with the Boppy Luxe Pillow, it is $50, but I really feel like it’ll be worth it. Here’s the two colors I’m torn between, though I don’t even know why, since I’m obsessed with the chevron pattern and the color gray, and the baby’s room will have plenty of both, this one should be the obvious choice: 

But I’m just so in love with this one too:

I’m sure I’ll end up with the grey one either way. But I’m gonna pretend for another day or so that this is a really tough decision i have to make 😉 

The second thing I need to get is a tub for my little Whitley, and I’ve decided to go with theThe first years” newborn to toddler tub with sling because again, I’ve just heard amazing things about it. And I love the fact that it’s $19.99, and you can use it for so long! no need to get a new one, he’ll be able to use it until he’s big enough to bathe in the actual tub. 

Here’s a picture of it:

And then the third thing I want is a swing. And after doing a lot of research, I’ve decided to go with the Fisher-price my little lamb cradle baby swing, I’ve read many good things about it, and I especially like that it comes with a toy rack thing (I have no idea what to call it lol), here’s the link to the official fisher-price page for the swing if you’d like to read about all the amazing little gadgets it comes with! 

And here’s a picture of it, also how freaking cute is this?! I love the little lamb ears! 

Once my little lovebug gets here and I can officially try all of these things out (among a million other baby products) I will make sure to make a review post and let you all know what I thought of everything! Hopefully there’ll be nothing but thumbs up 👍🏻 

Okay, so that’s it for this post, probably for today! Thanks for reading! Please follow me, and comment your personal experience with each of these products, or if you’ve had a great (or bad) experience with any other brands! 

Love, Jessika 💕


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