Saturday the 6th.

Hello to whoever is reading this!

I’m having an extremely laid back, relaxed day today. I’m spending this week with my mother in law, and we’ve been pretty busy for the past couple of days. We’ve been trying to build a living room table (lol, pinterest needs better directions). We’ve also just been running errands. So just lounging on the couch today seems well deserved haha. Whitley seems pretty exhausted too and keeps napping on and off. I can’t thank fisher price enough for their “little lamb swing”, it’s Whitleys favorite and it never fails to either keep him entertained or put him to sleep.

So I got a phone call from my husband today. He graduates from basic training the 12th. I can’t wait to go to Georgia to see him! after 14 weeks apart it just can’t come soon enough.

Whitleys onesie says “My daddy’s got your back. US ARMY” lol.

Okay; finishing this up now. I just wanted to pop in and keep my promise from the last post to keep my blog a bit more updated.

Love, Jessika 💕


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