Photoshoot time!

I have probably taken an easy 5000 pictures of Whitley during the 4 months that he has been here on earth, but never have I actually tried to prop him up with a cute background (and in this case: on a cute fluffy blanket). But today me and the mother in law did, and now I have about a thousand more pictures of my handsome little man haha. He’s so photogenic, and I swear he was loving the camera! And I’m no child photographer but I think our pictures turned out pretty good! Although the quality that comes with a cellphone will never compare to that of a camera, and as of right now I don’t have a USB cable to upload the pictures that I took with my olympus. So cellphone pictures it is! Here’s just a small fraction of them, but oh how I’m in love with him. 

He’s just perfection in my eyes. He’s such a happy little baby, my handsome boy.

Love, Jessika 💕


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