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Moving (blahhh)

So on Friday we are finally leaving Texas to go to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky! I’m so excited to finally be reunited with my husband after about 18 weeks apart. I’m also very excited to see what life on base is going to be like, and of course to start decorating our new house haha. It’s a two story, 3 bedroom/2 and a half bath house so it’s a lot bigger than our 2/1 that we live in now, so I’m gonna have to go furniture shopping for sure 😏 

I’ve been packing for weeks, but I still feel like nothing’s different around here. I have a feeling I won’t notice a difference until Thursday night. Today will be very bittersweet. My best friend is coming over and it’ll probably be the last time I see her for at least a few months, so we’re gonna have a full on girls night with sappy romantic movies, candy, chips and soda haha. No wine though cause last time we did that I didn’t feel right for like two weeks so 😉 I also promised her that I’d bake for her, so if I can remember to, I might post a nice little recipe on here today. 

That’s all for now though lol. 

Love, Jessika 💕


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