Okay so I was reading this article about how they’re slowly bringing back laughing gas as a pain reliever during labor. And of course in the comments are thousands of moms sharing their birth stories, some are saying how they wish they could’ve had laughing gas instead of an epidural, others are sharing their experience using laughing gas and then there’s those FUCKING moms bragging about how they did it the all natural way. So okay, great what do you want, a cookie? A medal? They’re actually sitting there saying how easy labor was, and how short it was, and how “it really doesn’t hurt at all”, well alright then, good for you. That doesn’t make you strong, or brave, or a better mom because you weren’t “on drugs”, it makes you LUCKY. It only means that your baby was perfectly positioned and most likely not bigger than average, and your body was probably perfectly “proportionate” to squeeze a baby out. Others were not so lucky. I had planned to get an epidural during my entire pregnancy because I just knew my baby was going to be a fairly big one. What I hadn’t planned on was being in active labor for almost 9 hours, (after being in stage one labor for about 2 days), I also hadn’t planned on the epidural not working, and I had definitely not planned on pushing for an hour, just for them to tell me “this isn’t happening, we’re gonna have to do an emergency c section”, turns out my baby was too big and my pelvis too narrow. So instead of giving birth to my baby boy which I had dreamed of doing the natural way (with drugs but still), I now had to go have major surgery, after being in pain for a day, pushing, screaming & crying. So please, to all you moms who brag about how easy your natural birth was, congratulations – you got lucky. That’s it. So please stop degrading moms who do want pain relief, and mothers who end up having to get (or choose to get) a c section. Because just like pregnancy in general, labor is completely different for every single woman. And after all, we all win in the end because wether you’re fine and able to walk around right after birth, or if you like me, will spend the next few weeks recovering, cleaning a wound, and barely being able to move, we all GAVE BIRTH to a beautiful baby. And that’s all that matters. Stop shaming other mothers because they didn’t give birth the way you did, or went through labor the way you did. I can assure you I love my baby just as much as you love yours, even though I didn’t have an “all natural birth”.


2 thoughts on “RANT AHEAD!

  1. Man, I’m sorry your labor was so long and intense. 😦 You’re right, baby’s position, size, as well as the woman’s anatomy make a HUGE difference on how labor/delivery will go! I’ve had three babies vaginally and then my fourth was a c-section. She was my biggest baby (I went into labor on my due date) and she was turned and not descending – she was stuck! So into surgery I went after full labor with no meds or interventions and an hour and a half of pushing! There’s not a thing I could have done differently. I think natural childbirth advocates forget that some of things truly are out of our hands. What if I’d planned a home birth?!

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    1. Wow I’m sorry, that must have been so scary! And that is exactly what I always say when telling my birth story, what if I had been planning a home birth? My son probably wouldn’t have made it. Birth is so unexpected and I hate it when people try to make it seem as if everyone COULD have an easy birth. That’s just not the case, and moms have to stop bashing other moms!


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