Flying with an *almost* 8 month old!

So this last Friday, me and my little man took a trip home to Texas for the weekend! I went to surprise my best friend at her gender reveal party! And we found out that Whitley will unfortunately not get a new girlfriend but a best friend instead lol! I’m super excited for her, boys are so amazing πŸ’™

And my dad who lives in panama just so happened to be in Houston that same weekend, so it was great, Whitley got to hangout with his grandpa, and we of course visited his other grandparents, and my in laws were just so excited to see him! 

Whitley with his papaw!

And here his is with his other grandpa, my dad!
But okay, time for the real story that I wanted to share, and that’s my experience of flying with my baby. 

So the trip there was honestly awful! When I went to check in one of my bags, I was persuaded to just bring it with me as carry on, which in the moment I thought sounded like a good idea. Well it wasn’t, and I’ll get back to that in a minute. 

There was so much going on from the moment we went into the airport that by the time we actually boarded the plane, Whitley was already exhausted. He spent some time playing with the pamphlets that he found in the seat infront of us lol, but after a while he was getting so tired that he was crying, and sitting in my lap was just not comfortable enough for him, so I spent probably an hour trying to just put him to sleep, and after a lot of crying, he did actually pass out for a little while but he kept waking up, and kept fussing. So after a while I decided to make him a bottle which proved to be extremely hard in that tiny economy seat with a big baby in your lap, but this super nice girl infront of me (who had been eyeing Whitley the whole time haha, I later found out she has a baby about his age), who saw me struggling, she asked if I needed an extra set of hands and I just had to say yes, so she held him while I finished making his bottle, and I thanked her like a million times cause I don’t know what I would’ve done without her haha! After that, he calmed down a bit and just played for the remainder of the flight, but by then (we landed at 8:30) I was already exhausted. And then of course, my stroller that I had checked in at the gate, wasn’t brought to me like it was supposed to be, so I ended up having to carry my 20 lb baby, a diaper bag, and my actual luggage (that I should’ve just checked in to begin with!) through basically the entire airport, which just totally broke my back, and I swear like 5 of those little electric car things that they drive through the airport just drove right past me! I was so upset at this point and just ready to get back to my friends house where I was staying so I could go to sleep. 

Obviously at this point I was already dreading the flight home, after that I thought flying with an infant is impossible lol. BUT turns out, it doesn’t have to be that hard. 

As I was checking in, this really nice lady comes up and tells me that she had some wiggle room on this flight and she moved whoever was supposed to sit next to me, so Whitley was gonna have his own seat this time. Just like last time, he was extremely tired by the time we were boarding, and I was so worried that this flight was going to be a repeat of the last, but boy was I wrong. Whitley sat in the seat next to me and he was leaning up against my arm, and he slept the entire flight! He was asleep before we even took off and didn’t wake up until we were actually descending! I got to relax and listen to music the entire flight and I was just so happy. He did so incredibly good! And my stroller and my bag was right there waiting for us as soon as we got off the plane haha, so the lesson I learned from this was that yes, it costs a lot more money, but having a separate seat for the baby is a must. Hopefully we don’t have to fly anytime soon again, but if we do, now I know! 

I am so proud of him though, he did so good the entire time we were gone, he was friendly and happy wherever we went, and it was definitely a nice little get away for us. ❀️

Here he is sleeping on me on the plane haha ❀️
Well that was all I wanted to share about that. I’d love to hear yalls baby/flight stories, good and bad! 

If you made it this far, thank you for reading this ☺️

Love, Jessika! 


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